Allergies? No problem!

Meet our Allergy Specialist and Owner, Karen Fleischer!

The mother of a child with severe life-threatening allergies, Karen Fleischer, learned to combine her love for cooking and baking with a doctorate in Natural Medicine and a speciality in nutrition. She launched Easy Sweets Baked Goods, which materialized into a successful wholesale and catering business. Always a pioneer, Karen created the first peanut, tree nut, sesame, flax free and dairy-free bakery in the Toronto area. She is also the mastermind behind producing an enclosed and highly monitored gluten-free kitchen which has supported her creation of a strictly gluten-free menu that parallels the Easy Sweets fabulous product line.

With the creation of Whisk Factory, Karen realized her dream of an inclusive event space where families and friends can gather for cooking/baking classes, celebrate milestones, hold corporate events and host local and celebrity chefs for pop-up dinners in an allergy friendly environment without compromising quality or taste. Whisk Factory is also available for hands-on industry training and incubation.

Every menu and product that enters Whisk Factory is overseen by Karen and her team and she generously shares her vast expertise on allergy safety with all of our clients.

Karen is available to provide allergy and nutrition coaching to interested clients, including individual cooking and baking classes, and meal planning. She is also available for speaking engagements and lectures.