Assorted menu items from Rebel Merchant Catering

Meet the Rebel!

Rebel Merchant Catering Studio is a boutique catering company, owned and operated by self-proclaimed rebel, Brent Charles. Brent learned all the basics cutting his culinary teeth in restaurants but describes himself as “mostly self-taught” noting that “natural talent and creativity can go a long way”. Discovering a deep love for cooking at a young age he continues to pursue a culinary career spanning 30 years, working in restaurants and catering (both front and back of house), owning cafes, and cooking for private events. He couldn’t imagine doing anything else. The kitchen is his home!

Brent combines his culinary skills and creativity to create memorable and decadent meals for intimate gatherings with a focus on hand made hors d’oeuvres and sophisticated luncheons and dinner parties.  As the in-house caterer for Whisk Factory, Brent offers both Kosher and Non-Kosher options, all within our allergy-friendly environment without compromising quality or taste. Rebel Merchant elevates each dish to a contemporary masterpiece, appreciating that presentation is just as essential to the dining experience, as flavour and texture. Aside from his role as the in-house caterer at Whisk Factory Brent is also the corporate chef for a private company, and the personal chef to the CEO.

Brent’s clients have described him as a pleasure to work with and we think you will too!